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Selection, Savings, Comfort, Simplicity

Schwank Heaters offers a broad selection of radiant infrared heating products including indoor and outdoor gas fired luminous and electric heaters. Our radiant infrared heating experts can help you pick the right combination of infrared heating products that best fit your application while giving you maximum energy savings.

Schwank’s infrared heating systems deliver unmatched performance minimizing wasted convective heat and delivering more comfort for your energy dollar. Our infrared heating products are best for the environment too.

Buy a Schwank infrared heating product and you’ll also experience our most highly rated customer service, technical and design assistance plus outstanding durability for modern radiant heating systems.

How do Radiant Heating Products Work?

Traditional warm air heaters work by first heating all the air within a space before the warmth can be felt by anyone within that space.

Electric and gas fired radiant infrared heating systems are different. They use infrared heat wave technology to immediately heat objects, imitating the way the sun heats the earth. This means our heaters can provide the same type of warmth as when the sun shines on a cool winter’s day.

Immediate Heating- The infrared heat waves pass through the air so that the majority of heat generated by radiant heaters can be absorbed by those below. As a result infrared heating products provide an immediate heat source as opposed to warm air or convection heaters, which have a long lag time between activation and desired temperatures.

Compare Schwank infrared heating products to other types of modern heaters and feel the difference for yourself.

Why Choose Schwank High Intensity Infrared Radiant Heaters?

Günther Schwank knew what he was doing almost 8 decades ago. Today Schwank’s infrared heaters provide:

  • Superior Energy Cost Savings
  • Supreme Comfort Levels
  • Flexible Design And Installation
  • Lower Overall Carbon Footprint

When you compare our infrared heating products to other types of heaters there is no question that our Schwank infrared heaters easily outperform conventional forced air heating systems. See our Benefits of Infrared Heaters page for more details.

Ask Us About the Schwank Advantage

Schwank USA is a worldwide market leader in infrared heating products, systems and technologies.

Our highly rated customer service has the quickest lead times, best on-time performance and the best overall quality in the industry.

All of our high intensity heaters, tube heaters and outdoor patio and stadium heaters come backed by the Schwank Advantage which includes:

  • Professional heat planning support
  • Free design support
  • Comprehensive warranty – 10 year ceramic burner; 3 year all other components

For more information about Schwank Infrared Heaters or any of our top rated infrared heating products, or for technical details regarding any particular infrared heater model please contact Schwank:

  Toll Free: 022-87975319 [USA & Canada]
  Request Info: Design, Spec, Audit Request Form

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Günther Schwank developed the first gas infrared burner with a ceramic tile in 1936.